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Health Squared – Cobalt

Day-to-Day Benefit

The following services are covered from your Medical Savings Account (MSA)
General Practitioner Consultations
Specialist Consultations
Conservative Dentistry
Alternative Healthcare Services
Radiology and Pathology
Speech Therapy and Audiology
Additional Medication (Acute)
Over-the-Counter Medication (OTC)
Member: R18 408
Adult dependent: R17 820
Child dependent: R6 564
Psychology and Psychiatry
Advanced Dentistry (Includes cover for crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, periodontics and orthodontic)
Annual Limits:
M: R10 398
M+1: R12 635
M+2: R14 316
M+3: R17 442
M+4+: R19 567

Risk Benefit

Private hospitalisation Unlimited at any private hospital
Planned PMB’s: Network hospitals
Professional Fees 100% of Scheme Rate
Casualty | Emergency Room Benefit Trauma and PMB: Unlimited.
Non-PMB: Subject to MSA
Maternity Benefit Normal Delivery: 3 days and 2 nights
Caesarean Section: 4 days and 3 nights
Antenatal Care Maternity Programme
Consultations (MSA) and 3x 2D scans (Risk)
Antenatal classes: R570 (Risk)
Internal Prostheses PMB: Unlimited
Non-PMB: R81 520
Oncology Unlimited. Subject to ICON protocols
Specialised Radiology:
MRI and CT Scans
Unlimited PMB and trauma cover
Non-PMB: R24 934
Emergency evacuation and Ambulance services Netcare 911
100% of Scheme Rate Unlimited

Preventative Care Benefit

Preventative Care Benefit
Subject to BenefitBooster
Blood Pressure test
Blood Sugar test
Cholesterol test
Body Mass Index
Pap Smear
Mammogram Screening
Sub-limit: R2 795

Chronic Condition Benefit

PMB CDL Conditions Unlimited
Additional Chronic Benefit Specified conditions Subject to MSA