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Health Squared – Foundation

Risk Benefit

Hospitalisation Unlimited hospital benefit with access at extensive DSP hospital network (subject to Scheme Protocols and pre-authorisation)
Netcare, Life and Medi-Clinic in certain regions
ICON Network
PMB unlimited
Non-PMB limited to R90 459
Casualty | Emergency Room Benefit Trauma and PMB: Unlimited
Maternity Benefit Normal Delivery: 3 days and 2 nights
Caesarean Section: 4 days and 3 nights
Antenatal Care Unlimited GP consultations
2x 2D scans
Specialised Radiology: CT, MRI, PET Scans Unlimited cover for PMB, emergency and trauma scans

Day-to-Day Benefit

General Practitioners (GP) Unlimited at Network Providers
No nomination required – any network doctor may be accessed
Non-Contracted Providers up to 100% of Scheme Rate
Limited to 2 out-of-network visits per family
Acute Medication Unlimited, as dispensed by network GP. Subject to formulary
Radiology and Pathology Unlimited at network providers on referral by GP, subject to formulary
Chronic conditions 29 conditions covered, subject to formulary
Dentistry 2x annual consultations per beneficiary per annum
Single Member: R2 206
Family: R3 672
Optometry Benefit available every 24-months
Consultation, test, frame and single vision lenses: R1 234 per beneficiary
Consultation, test, frame and bifocal lenses: R1 878 per beneficiary
HIV and AIDS Management Unlimited cover for HIV treatment, including consultations and medication
Emergency Evacuation Unlimited Emergency Evacuation and Ambulance services via Netcare 911
Preventative Care Blood pressure
Blood sugar
Body Mass Index
Pap smear
Prostate exams
As directed by network doctor