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Santam – Business Insurance Solutions

Santam offers essential business insurance to secure your legacy for years to come.

You’ve built a business your customers rely on, and we understand that every business is unique and that the risks differ.
Now you can rely on our in-depth expertise to help protect it.
Business insurance can seem like a complicated maze, which is why we’ve created a simplified interactive visual of typical business risks.

Santam. Insurance good and proper.

Our standard business solution provides cover for the following
Please note: This solution is not limited to the below covered areas – additional cover can be provided if required.
Speak to your intermediary for more information.
Employer’s liability
Umbrella liability
Business interruption following machinery breakdown
Group personal accident cover (individuals and employees)


Fire damage is a real threat to business property as it can spread quickly and result in serious damamge.
We offer cover against damage to your business and even include extinguishing costs, as well as architects’ and other professional fees.

Buildings (combined)

We protect your property not only against damage but also theft of fixtures or fittings.

Business interruption

When the unexpected brings your business to a standstill, over and above the damage itself, you are also covered for the interruption it brings.
We enable you to keep operating so you can continue to focus on protecting your profits.


Theft cover is there to ensure that in the event of a break-in or burglary your business is covered for the losses as well as any damage to your premises.

Office Contents

We make sure your office contents are covered, this includes documentation and office furniture.


In business dealing with cash is often unavoidable.
We manage the risk by covering the loss of any cash kept on the premises, as well as cash in transit to and from the bank, as well as when you are on business trips.


The accidental breakage of glass isn’t just inconvenient – it potentially exposes your premises to further risk.
Our cover makes proper provision for the quick replacement and repair of broken glass.

Goods in Transit

Theft or damage to goods in transit is very often out of your control and can happen at any time due to various circumstances, which makes being covered for this risk important

Business All Risks

When running and operating a business we understand the importance of cover that protects your equipment (like an office camera) whether its on or off your premises.
Our all risk cover ensures this is the case.

Accidental Damage

Sometimes your business is vulnerable to extraordinary events or circumstances that you simply could not have foreseen, like a shelf collapsing.
With Santam you’re covered for these extraordinary events under this section.

Fidelity Insurance (Theft by Employees)

Not being covered for employee theft is a risk no business can afford to take.
This cover protects you against theft and fraud by employees

Public liability

If someone slips and falls at your premises, for example, you could be liable.
It is important to cover your business for possible liability in the event of a third party claim.


If it has wheels we can cover it with comprehensive insurance for all types of vehicles from cars, bakkies, buses, trucks, trailers, caravans and motorcycles.

Electronic Equipment

Most businesses rely heavily on computers and electronic equipment for the smooth running of a business.
This cover protects your valuable electronic equipment.

Machinery Breakdown

Your machinery may be covered for fire and theft, but we also cover accidental damage to your equipment and machinery and the costs associated with repairing it.

Deterioration of Stock

Breakdown of machinery may also result in the loss of refrigerated stock, but we have you covered for financial or related loss that may occur.